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    Poland’s Defense Minister Emphasizes Vital Partnership with US Army V Corps for Security and Stability

    Poland’s Defense Minister, Mariusz Błaszczak, emphasized the significance of the partnership between Poland and the US Army V Corps, stating that it plays a crucial role in ensuring the security and stability of both nations. The importance of this alliance was highlighted during a ceremony held at Fort Knox, Kentucky, where Polish General Maciej Jabłoński assumed the responsibilities of deputy commander from Major General Adam Joks, both countrymen.

    Błaszczak stressed that the collaboration between the Polish armed forces and the V Corps is of utmost importance, especially considering the current security threat, which he described as the most serious since World War Two. The ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine has significantly impacted the security landscape in Europe, necessitating a decisive and swift response.

    In addition to supporting Ukraine in its fight for independence alongside the US and other like-minded nations, the joint efforts between Poland and the V Corps extend to areas such as joint missions and operations, force interoperability, and cooperation in armaments. These endeavors are united by the common goal of safeguarding the security and stability of both countries.

    The V Corps, a tactical unit of the US Army, has its forward command post located in Poznań, western Poland, where it coordinates the activities of American ground forces in Europe. The headquarters of the V Corps is situated in Fort Knox, Kentucky, underlining the significance of the collaboration between the US and Poland in strengthening regional security and defense cooperation.


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