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    Poland’s first electric car at 4 Design Days in Katowice

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    Izera, a Polish electric car, had its first showing at the 4 Design Days event, located at the International Congress Center in Katowice. The prototype of the vehicle was presented at the trade fair.

    The Izera show car presented at 4 Design Days in a red hatchback version is one of the elements of a long-term project work aimed at developing a model range of attractively priced compact-class electric cars and launching their mass production.

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    “Izera is known for its attention to detail, modernity, and aesthetically pleasing designs. Their timeless, yet useful designs are just some of the features that make this new company a part of the ever-evolving technology and electric vehicle industry,”

    the main designer of Izera, Tadeusz Jelec, commented.

    The construction of the factory in Jaworzno is being highly emphasized by the developers, as the area has a combination of both old and new, featuring cultural and industrial customs while also striving for modernity. The car manufacturer has stated that the initial Izera SUV model will be produced in 2025.

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