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    Poland’s Law and Justice Party Proposes Stricter Espionage Penalties Amid Rising Concerns

    Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party is planning to enact more stringent penalties for espionage in response to the escalating espionage activities following the Russia-Ukraine war, according to a PiS Member of Parliament who spoke to the Polish Press Agency on Monday.

    The proposed measures entail the introduction of a minimum five-year prison sentence for aiding foreign intelligence, an eight-year to life imprisonment for divulging sensitive information to foreign intelligence agencies, a minimum eight-year imprisonment for engaging in disinformation campaigns on behalf of foreign intelligence services, a ten-year to life imprisonment for acts of sabotage and terrorist activities, and a 10-year to life imprisonment for organizing and overseeing foreign intelligence operations.

    Jaroslaw Krajewski emphasized that stricter penalties were deemed necessary due to the mounting espionage activities associated with the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

    “The implementation of harsher penalties is crucial to ensure the enhanced security of Polish citizens,” stated Krajewski.

    A bill proposing these more severe penalties, drafted by the PiS, is scheduled to undergo its first reading in the Sejm (the lower house of parliament) between June 13 and 16.


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