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    Poland’s Lower House Approves National Referendum Motion

    Poland’s lower house of parliament has greenlit a government proposal for a nationwide referendum. This pivotal vote is slated to coincide with the general election on October 15, marking a crucial juncture in the nation’s democratic process.

    Following an impassioned debate within the legislative chamber, the motion garnered the support of 233 Members of Parliament, while 211 voted against it, with eight opting to abstain.

    The forthcoming four-question referendum will traverse a spectrum of crucial issues, encompassing a proposed EU migrant relocation scheme, deliberations over the sale of state assets, the trajectory of the Polish-Belarusian border fence, and contemplations regarding the retirement age.

    Advocates within the government assert that the referendum is poised to empower Polish citizens by granting them a decisive voice on matters of paramount significance. However, the opposition remains unyielding in its dismissal, branding the initiative as a thinly veiled ploy for electoral gain orchestrated by the ruling Law and Justice party.

    In the wake of Thursday’s landmark vote, the motion embarks on its next legislative journey, advancing to the capable hands of parliament’s Legislative Committee. This body will be entrusted with the task of crafting a draft resolution pertaining to the execution of the impending referendum. It is noteworthy that the content of the questions posed may remain unaltered, as per the prerogative of the committee’s deliberations.


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