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    Poland’s Men’s Volleyball Team Triumphs Over Mexico

    Poland’s Men’s Volleyball Team is making steady progress towards securing a spot at the Olympics. In their fourth qualifying match, the white-and-red squad convincingly defeated Mexico in three sets, establishing their dominance over the weakest team in their group.

    Poland’s Men’s Volleyball Team continues to maintain an unblemished record in Group C of the Olympic qualifiers. Their journey included hard-fought wins against Belgium and Canada in tie-breakers, as well as a decisive victory over Bulgaria in three sets. The showdown with Mexico was deemed a crucial must-win encounter, at least in theory.

    Mexico initially matched Poland’s strong performance in serving, keeping the game competitive. The teams were closely matched, with Poland only holding a slim two-point lead after a well-executed block. While Poland did briefly lead by four points, Mexico staged a comeback. The score was tied at 19:18 after a protracted rally, and it seemed like a tied match was imminent. However, a critical turning point occurred when Coach Grbić spotted a net touch violation by the Mexican team. This crucial point favoured Poland, alleviating any remaining tension and sealing a 25:21 victory.

    The second set unfolded in a manner similar to the first. Poland swiftly built a lead, fueled by consecutive blocks, resulting in an advantage. Poland’s lead grew significantly. The conclusion of the set lacked suspense, as Poland played with poise, ultimately claiming a 25:19 win. 

    In the third set, Fornal and Semeniuk took charge of reception. Fornal’s ace gave Poland a 6:3 lead, and later, crucial blocks extended the advantage. Mexico struggled to stage a comeback as Poland executed their game plan efficiently. There was no room for doubt once again. Poland dominated the third set, winning it convincingly with a score of 25:14, effectively sealing the match. This victory propelled them back to the top of their qualifying group.

    Following a day of rest, Poland will resume their quest in the Olympic qualifiers. On Friday, October 6, they will square off against Argentina.

    Poland – Mexico 3-0 (25-12, 25-19, 25-14)


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