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    Poland’s PKN Orlen receives first supplies of gas from US

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    PKN Orlen, a Polish oil and gas company, received the initial shipment of American LNG on a vessel that they had hired. “Poland is independent and has gained energy sovereignty,” Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin commented today. 

    PKN Orlen is planning to charter eight gas carriers in order to increase its LNG purchases from the US and other sources, with ‘Lech Kaczyński’ being the first. This is part of Poland’s plan to cut off all energy ties with Russia.

    “It’s a historic day. The first Polish gas tanker ‘Lech Kaczyński’ sailed into the gas port in Świnoujście, delivering US LNG to Poland. We are building our fleet of gas tankers, which strengthens PKN ORLEN’s international position,”

    CEO of PKN Orlen Daniel Obajtek wrote on Twitter.

    The carrier, which had departed from the Sabine Pass LNG export facility in the United States in early February, arrived at the Świnoujście terminal in northern Poland on Friday.

    “Today, after eight years of Law and Justice government, the United Right government, Poland is safe, Poland is independent and has gained energy sovereignty,”

    Jacek Sasin, state assets minister, said at a ceremony in Świnoujście on Saturday.

    PKN Orlen intends to acquire an additional gas carrier this year and is aiming to have a total of eight of them by 2025.

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