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    Poland’s Prime Minister Commemorates 43rd Anniversary of Jastrzębie Agreement

    Prime Minister Morawiecki commemorates the 43rd anniversary of the Jastrzębie Agreement, reaffirming support for miners and a memorial pavilion project.

    Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, recently participated in the solemn commemoration of the 43rd anniversary of the signing of the Jastrzębie Agreement. This historic event, which took place in August 1980, marked a pivotal moment in Poland’s quest for solidarity, freedom, and justice. Prime Minister Morawiecki not only emphasized the significance of these events but also announced the government’s support for the construction of a Jastrzębie Agreements memorial pavilion, reaffirming their commitment to the mining industry.

    The Polish government has allocated substantial funds from the national budget to ensure a fair industry transformation and comprehensive energy transition. Prime Minister Morawiecki reiterated the government’s dedication to the welfare of miners, acknowledging the unique challenges posed by the energy transition in the mining and energy sectors.

    Recognizing the importance of preserving the memory of the events of August 1980, the Polish government is expediting efforts to create a Jastrzębie Agreements memorial pavilion. Prime Minister Morawiecki assured ongoing support for this project, emphasizing the need to honor the courage of Silesian miners and the significance of those past events.

    The Jastrzębie Agreement, signed on September 3, 1980, played a crucial role in securing Saturdays off for Polish workers. Prime Minister Morawiecki underscored the government’s role as the custodian of Solidarity’s ideals, highlighting their commitment to implementing these ideals through various social policies, including initiatives such as the 500+ program and enhanced pensions.

    The Jastrzębie Agreement stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of solidarity and freedom in Poland’s history. Prime Minister Morawiecki’s announcement of support for the Jastrzębie Agreements memorial pavilion underscores the government’s dedication to honoring this legacy and preserving the memory of the remarkable events of 1980.

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