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    Poland’s Promising Rise in Bone Marrow Donors: Celebrating World Marrow Donor Day 2023 

    As the world prepares to observe World Marrow Donor Day on September 16, 2023, there is both celebration and reflection on the progress made in the field of bone marrow donation. This year’s occasion marks an important moment to recognize the selfless individuals who have come forward to save lives, as well as the persistent challenges that still lie ahead.

    Rising Potential Donors in Poland

    Poland, in particular, has reason to celebrate. Since 2018, the country has witnessed a remarkable 56% increase in potential bone marrow donors. This significant surge in willing donors reflects the growing awareness and commitment of Polish citizens towards this noble cause.

    The rise in potential donors is a testament to the effectiveness of awareness campaigns, increased public education, and the relentless efforts of organizations dedicated to facilitating bone marrow transplants. The expansion of the donor pool in Poland is undoubtedly a positive development, offering hope to countless patients in need of life-saving transplants. (

    The Struggle to Find Suitable Donors Persists

    Despite these encouraging numbers, the battle to find suitable donors remains a daunting challenge. Shockingly, one in five patients still cannot find a compatible donor, emphasizing the pressing need for continued growth in the donor registry.

    Only 25% of patients fortunate enough to find a donor do so among their relatives, while the remaining 75% must rely on the search for their genetic twin, someone whose bone marrow matches their own. These statistics underscore the importance of having a diverse and extensive pool of potential donors to increase the chances of finding a suitable match. (

    The Ongoing Need for Donors in Poland

    Even though Poland boasts over 2 million registered donors, it’s important to acknowledge that the demand for donors far exceeds this number. Each patient’s journey is unique, and their chances of finding a suitable match can be a matter of life or death. Therefore, while progress has been made, the need for more donors remains a critical issue in Poland and worldwide.

    World Marrow Donor Day serves as a reminder of the life-saving potential that lies within each one of us. It calls for individuals to step forward, register as donors, and offer hope to those facing life-threatening diseases such as leukaemia, lymphoma, and other blood-related disorders.


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