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    Pole slain in combat in Ukraine

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    A Polish citizen has been killed and two other Poles have been seriously wounded while fighting for Ukraine, according to a member of the Polish government. The two other wounded are also reported to be former Polish citizens.

    A number of Polish individuals have selflessly decided to join the military in Ukraine and some have lost their lives there.

    “Another Ukrainian soldier, a Polish citizen, died on Friday and two wounded a few days ago are still in serious condition,” Dworczyk tweeted on Friday.

    PAP (the Polish Press Agency – ed.) reported that the two wounded Polish soldiers cannot be evacuated at present due to the severity of their condition.

    The agency was informed by Dworczyk that one of the volunteers injured last week in Ukraine had come back to Poland. The other was relocated to Kyiv for more medical attention, before being evacuated to Poland.

    His condition was described as serious, but stable.

    On March 14, two volunteers from the Polish aid initiative Nehemiah set out for Ukraine with gifts. Tragically, the car they were travelling in was struck by a Russian missile while making its way to Chasiv Yar in the Donetsk region.


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