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    Poles’ Vacation Trends: Shorter, More Frequent Getaways

    As the summer season looms, Polish vacationers are setting their sights on their upcoming holiday plans. A recent survey by, Poland’s premier booking portal, indicates a shift towards shorter, more frequent trips, with a clear preference for seaside locations.

    Shifting Vacation Patterns: Poles Favor Shorter, Frequent Holidays Over Traditional Two-Week Stays

    A noticeable trend is the decline of the traditional two-week family vacation in favour of shorter, more frequent holidays. Over half of the families surveyed are planning week-long vacations, consistent with last year’s data. Additionally, there has been a 10% increase in families planning four-day trips, now at 31%, while only 5.7% are considering two-week or longer stays. Couples show different preferences, with 29% opting for weekend trips compared to just 9% of families, and 8.5% planning vacations lasting two weeks or more.

    Poles Opt for Multiple Short Trips, Higher Spending on Accommodations This Summer

    Despite the preference for shorter stays, many vacationers plan multiple trips. Specifically, 45% of families and 41% of couples intend to take more than one vacation. There is also a trend towards higher spending on accommodations, with fewer people aiming to keep nightly costs under 100 PLN per person. This year, only 44% of couples and 39% of families plan to spend that amount, down from last year’s 49% and 44%, respectively.

    Destination preferences remain strong for the Baltic Sea, attracting 64% of families and 58% of couples. Mountain trips appeal to 30% of families and 28% of couples, while fewer families (14%) than couples choose the Masurian Lakes. Selecting the right accommodation involves careful research, with key factors including the final price without hidden fees, value for money, accurate descriptions, attractive promotions, parking availability, amenities, and local attractions. Enhances Vacation Planning with Advanced Search and User Reviews offers advanced search functions to help vacationers filter accommodations based on specific needs, whether for large families, couples, or singles. User reviews on the portal further assist in making informed decisions. Tourists are discouraged by a lack of information about the facility’s amenities, poor conditions of the property and its surroundings, and the absence of on-site parking.

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