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    Police Officer Secures More Medals and Sets Personal Records

    Police inspector Paulina Weryk proved once again that where there’s a will, there’s a way. With her unwavering determination and sheer grit, she faced not only the deadlift but also every challenge encompassed within the powerlifting triathlon. Her participation in the Polish Championships and the Police Forces Championships in Powerlifting ended with three silver and one bronze medal. She also shattered her own personal records twice during the event, leaving no doubt that her journey to sporting success is far from over.

    The stage was set on Thursday, October 12th, in Wrocław for the VI Open Classic RAW Powerlifting Championships organized by the WPC Poland Federation and the II Police Forces Classic RAW Powerlifting Championships. Among the competitors stood Paulina Weryk, representing the police force from Krosno. Her strength, determination, and unwavering commitment again demonstrated that anyone can achieve greatness and overcome personal barriers.

    In July of this year, Paulina stood on the podium three times, but she knew those victories were not her final destination. Driven by an unyielding desire to push her limits, she dedicated three months to rigorous training under the guidance of her coach. Balancing her time between family, work, and intense workouts was demanding, but with immense support from her husband and instructor, she persevered.

    Refusing to succumb to the challenges, she decided to participate once more. Weighing in at just under 55 kg, she successfully completed all the powerlifting triathlon disciplines this time. Her results spoke volumes: a squat of 97.5 kg, a deadlift of 135 kg, and a bench press of 47.5 kg. Her hard work paid off, securing her second place in the under 56 kg category and in the Women’s OPEN Submaster II division of the Police Forces Classic RAW Powerlifting Championships.

    Additionally, she clinched second place in the Open Submaster category and third place in the Women’s under 56 kg category at the VI Open Classic RAW Powerlifting Championships organized by the WPC Poland Federation. Paulina not only won medals and the admiration of her peers but also triumphed over her own limitations, breaking her personal records in the first two disciplines.

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