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    Polish Air Defense System Responds to Overnight Russian Missile Attacks

    The Polish Air Defense System experienced a demanding night due to a massive missile strike by the Russian Federation’s long-range aviation, which targeted the entirety of Ukraine, including regions bordering Poland. In response, aircraft patrolling southeastern Poland were promptly dispatched. Overnight, the Polish Armed Forces Operational Command warned residents of southeastern Poland about the potential noise disturbance. Polish and allied military aircraft were deployed to safeguard the airspace in light of the Russian attacks on western Ukraine.

    Russian Long-Range Aviation Strikes

    The Operational Command reported significant activity from Russian long-range aviation during the night. The Russians employed cruise missiles, Shahed drones, and ballistic missiles. In response to these attacks, the Polish military activated procedures to secure Polish airspace. This immediate action demonstrated Poland’s readiness to counter potential threats and ensure the safety of its airspace.

    By morning, the Operational Command announced a reduction in the threat level from the Russian attacks on western Ukraine. Consequently, the aircraft that had been patrolling southeastern Poland were called back to their standard operational duties. The Polish Air Defense System’s swift response played a crucial role in mitigating the risk posed by the overnight assault.

    Continuous Monitoring and Preparedness

    Military officials assured that the situation in Ukraine is being continuously monitored and that they remain prepared to secure Polish airspace. The recent events underscore the importance of vigilance and readiness in the face of evolving threats, highlighting the Polish military’s commitment to national security.

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