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    Polish American community backs Poland’s demand for war reparations from Germany

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    The Polish American Congress (PAC) has expressed its backing of Poland’s campaign to receive reparations for the atrocities and devastation caused by Germany during its 1939-45 occupation.

    The Polish government released a comprehensive report on September 1, 2022, revealing the extent of Poland’s losses during World War II and vowing to demand reparations from Germany to the tune of EUR 1.3 trillion.

    The German Foreign Ministry has rejected Poland’s claims and declared that the issue was settled and that no negotiations concerning it would take place on the part of the German government.

    Malgorzata Margo Schulz, the Vice President for Public Relations of the Polish American Congress (PAC), sent a statement to the PAP on Friday saying that the PAC has been gathering data and developing a strategy for its subsequent actions.

    The Polish American Congress (PAC) declared that they were not in support of the stance taken by the German government on the issue of reparations for war crimes and destruction brought about by the German occupation of Poland during World War Two. The PAC also expressed solidarity with Polish citizens who believe that the demand for reparations should not be “closed, settled or time-barred.”

    The PAC voiced optimism that the German authorities would take measures to compensate for the damage incurred by Poland, as this would be essential to reconciliation and establishing international peace.


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