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    Polish and Israeli Diplomats Deliberate Middle East Peace and WWII Reparations

    The Foreign Ministers of Poland and Israel, Zbigniew Rau and Eli Cohen convened in New York during the 78th session of the UN General Assembly to engage in discussions concerning two pivotal issues: the ongoing Middle East peace process and the question of war reparations from Germany for the grave atrocities committed during World War II in occupied Poland.

    In a statement released by the Polish Foreign Ministry on Thursday, the multifaceted dialogue was highlighted as a critical diplomatic exchange between the two nations. The meeting served as a platform for both sides to explore the intricacies of the Middle East peace process and to underscore the importance of addressing the historical wrongs committed against Poland during the darkest hours of the 20th century.

    “The Middle East Peace Process as well as the issue of compensation from 🇩🇪 for losses incurred by Poland during World War II, were topics of conversation between FM Zbigniew Rau with FM of Israel Eli Cohen. Ministers held a meeting on the sidelines of the UNGA78 events,”

    Poland’s MFA wrote on X. 

    Simultaneously, the conversation delved into the poignant issue of war reparations from Germany. Poland, which endured immense suffering during World War II, is seeking acknowledgement and restitution for the crimes perpetrated by Nazi forces on its soil. The meeting allowed the Polish and Israeli Foreign Ministers to reaffirm their commitment to the cause, emphasizing the significance of addressing historical injustices and securing a more equitable future.

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