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    Polish Armaments Group Teams Up for Groundbreaking Radar Satellite Constellation Project

    The state-owned Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) has announced a groundbreaking partnership with two key collaborators to embark on the ambitious endeavor of developing a constellation of radar satellites tailored for the Polish Armed Forces.

    On a pivotal Tuesday, PGZ was poised to finalize an agreement with two prominent entities, namely Military Communication Works No. 1 S.A. and ICEYE Polska. The primary objective of this collaborative effort is to deliver a comprehensive proposal to the Polish Defence Ministry, encompassing a comprehensive Polish constellation of radar satellites along with supplementary equipment.

    Sebastian Chwalek, PGZ’s CEO, emphasized the significance of this venture, stating, “We are commencing a partnership aimed at crafting a novel and globally unparalleled asset for the Polish Armed Forces—a constellation of radar satellites equipped with both stationary and mobile ground stations.”

    He further elucidated, “This system will bestow unimpeded access to satellite imagery even in conflict scenarios.”

    PGZ highlighted that this collaboration was instigated by domestic enterprises with specialized expertise in radar reconnaissance satellite construction. Simultaneously, these partners possess the essential infrastructure for creating a secure terrestrial component of a potential domestic satellite constellation.

    Chwalek articulated the broader implications of this initiative for Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, stating, “For us, this venture signifies a platform for advancing our competencies in the realms of space and satellite technologies.”

    He expressed his optimism regarding the agreement’s implications, noting, “I firmly believe that the agreement we’ve entered into is merely the initial phase of an enduring collaboration within this tripartite partnership, one that will undoubtedly bolster Poland’s national security.”


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