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    Polish Athletes Dominate Ice Swimming World Championships

    In the realm of aquatic sports, while some athletes gear up for Olympic distances or strive for qualification in Paris, others have already made their mark in a different arena. Polish swimmers recently showcased their prowess at the Ice Swimming World Championships, held in Tallinn, Estonia.

    Frozen Waters, Fiery Competition

    Ice swimming entails navigating specially prepared courses in open water, where temperatures must not exceed 5 degrees Celsius. Despite the daunting conditions, the Polish contingent excelled, claiming victory in 10 out of 14 men’s events and securing a total of 21 medals across various categories.

    Among the standout performers was Michał Tomaszowski, who not only clinched multiple titles but also set a new world record in the 450-meter event. Tomaszowski emphasized the extreme challenges faced by competitors, with the Baltic Sea temperature hovering between 0.7 and 1.9 degrees Celsius, exacerbated by biting winds and snowfall.

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