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    Polish Boxing Champion Łukasz Różański Faces Stiff Challenge in Lawrence Okolie

    In the upcoming KnockOut Boxing Night 35, Polish boxing champion Łukasz Różański is set to defend his bridger weight title against the formidable British boxer, Lawrence Okolie. The highly anticipated match will take place this Friday in the Rzeszów arena, Podpromie.

    Okolie, known to Polish fans for his previous victories over three Polish fighters including Krzysztof Głowacki, presents a significant challenge. Różański, however, is undefeated with a record of 15-0, including 14 knockouts, and is confident about maintaining his winning streak. “I enter the ring determined to win. That’s all I think about, whether I’m defending or conquering,” Różański stated during the pre-fight press conference.

    This fight is not just another defense for Różański; it carries a personal dimension as he seeks to avenge the loss of his fellow countryman, Głowacki. His preparations for the bout have been intense, with the last three months dedicated to rigorous training aimed at overcoming Okolie’s “dirty boxing” tactics. Różański has trained specifically for this style, sparring with partners skilled in similar techniques.

    Różański also relishes the opportunity to fight once again in his hometown of Rzeszów, where he enjoys strong local support. “I’m thrilled because it’s a rare event here to win a belt one year and defend it in the same city the next. I thank the city for its support,” he expressed.

    The match promises to be a thrilling encounter, with Różański hopeful that his hard work and strategic preparation will lead to a victory, further opening doors for him in the heavyweight category.

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