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    Polish Companies GAZ-SYSTEM and Orlen Sign Agreement for LNG Regasification Services

    Polish companies GAZ-SYSTEM and Orlen have entered into an agreement for liquefied natural gas (LNG) regasification services at the FSRU terminal in the Gulf of Gdansk. The floating gas port will be crucial in Poland’s and Central-Eastern Europe’s gas import infrastructure. Orlen’s order covers 100% of regasification services provided by GAZ-SYSTEM through the Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU). The FSRU will have a regasification capacity of 6.1 billion cubic meters of gas annually and is set to be completed by 2028.

    According to Marcin Chludziński, CEO of GAZ-SYSTEM, the Gdansk FSRU terminal aligns with the country’s energy and economic transformation goals, aimed at transitioning to less emissions-intensive energy sources.

    With cross-border connections established with Denmark, Lithuania, and Slovakia, and the expansion of the LNG terminal in Świnoujście, this project further enhances Poland’s gas diversification and benefits the Baltic Sea region.

    As per Andrzej Kensbok, Vice President of GAZ-SYSTEM, responding to the increasing demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG), the company is exploring ways to expand the FSRU terminal’s regasification capacity. They are currently in the Open Season process for FSRU 2.

    The strategic significance of GAZ-SYSTEM’s investment, highlighted by Anna Łukaszewska-Trzeciakowska, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, lies in ensuring energy security amid shifts in gas supply dynamics.

    Armen Konrad Artwich from Orlen emphasized the importance of liquefied natural gas in their diversification strategy and long-term commercial growth. The merger of Orlen with Lotos, PGNiG, and Energa has created the potential for engaging in critical energy projects.

    Daniel Obajtek, CEO of Orlen, noted that by combining LNG deliveries, Norwegian imports, and domestic production, they will meet Poland’s and the region’s energy needs.

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