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    Polish Company to Replace Roscosmos in ExoMars Mission

    Polish firm Astronika to replace Roscosmos in the ExoMars mission, ensuring the rover’s safe descent on Mars.

    Following the exclusion of Roscosmos from the ExoMars mission, Polish firm Astronika will now handle the construction of a crucial element. Astronika is tasked with building the ramp that will allow the Rosalind Franklin rover to descend from the lander onto Mars’ surface.

    European engineers have never designed such systems before, making this a challenging project. The EGRESS system, featuring four mechanized ramps, must function flawlessly to ensure the rover’s safe descent. Wind, dust, and stringent weight limits add to the complexity.

    Ensuring Mission Success

    Astronika must also meet strict planetary protection standards to avoid contaminating Mars with Earthly microorganisms. The mission’s success hinges on these precautions, as any contamination could compromise future discoveries.

    Astronika’s collaboration with multiple Polish and international entities not only ensures the mission’s success but also builds invaluable expertise for future projects. This endeavor highlights the growing capabilities of the Polish space industry.

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