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    Polish Drivers Show Skepticism Towards Electric Vehicles, Favoring Combustion Engines

    A recent survey by the consulting firm Deloitte, titled “Consumer Signals,” reveals a strong preference among Polish drivers for traditional combustion engine vehicles, with 55% expressing their favor. In contrast, only 6% of respondents are inclined towards fully electric vehicles, while 18% would opt for hybrid engines.

    The study indicates a general reluctance among Poles to visit car dealerships soon, with only 17% considering the purchase of a vehicle within the next six months. Of those planning a purchase, a majority (52%) are interested in buying a brand-new car, even though 62% of cars currently on Polish roads are pre-owned.

    The primary reasons for considering a change in vehicles include the lack of cost-effectiveness in maintaining the current car (25%) and the readiness or desire for a new vehicle (22%).

    Polish drivers’ attachment to conventional automotive solutions is highlighted by their preferred choice of engine for their next vehicle. A significant majority (55%) would choose a combustion engine, while only 6% show interest in fully electric options. However, it’s noted that 20% of consumers remain open to alternative propulsion vehicles, presenting an opportunity for the electric mobility sector.

    Bartek Swatko, Deloitte’s Automotive Sector Lead in Poland, points out that although there’s a noticeable commitment to combustion engines, the openness of over 20% of consumers towards alternative propulsion vehicles could be pivotal for the electromobility industry. Swatko emphasizes that factors such as vehicle pricing, the availability of rapid charging infrastructure, and public subsidy programs will play crucial roles in attracting Polish drivers to electric and hybrid vehicles.

    According to Eurostat data, the survey also sheds light on Poland’s car ownership rates, which are among the highest in the European Union, with approximately 680 cars per 1,000 residents. The findings corroborate European statistics, showing that 67% of Poles own or lease a car, nearly half of which are less than eight years old, while over a quarter are 15 or older.

    The report concludes that the success of non-combustion engine vehicles in the Polish market will largely depend on addressing the factors that currently deter potential buyers, suggesting a future where the automotive landscape in Poland could significantly evolve.

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