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    Polish Duo Makes History at Mexico World Championships

    In a stunning turn of events at the World Championships in Tlaxcala, Mexico, Bartosz Łosiak and Michał Bryl have etched their names in Polish sports history. They’re the first Polish pair ever to reach the top four at the World Championships, putting them in contention for a historic medal. 

    In the quarter-finals, they faced formidable Americans Andi Benesh and Miles Partain, ranked fourth globally. In a thrilling match, Łosiak and Bryl defied the odds to secure their spot in the semi-finals, showcasing their mettle on the world stage.

    Their journey was marked by challenges, including varying fortunes leading up to the Championships, attributed partly to Bryl’s foot injury. However, their exceptional performance in Tlaxcala, with just one lost set in the group stage, is nothing short of phenomenal.

    Facing the up-and-coming American duo of Partain and Benesh in the quarter-finals, Łosiak and Bryl dominated from the first serve, securing a 2-0 victory and setting the stage for their historic semi-final appearance.

    In the semi-finals, they’ll face European champions Sweden’s David Åhman and Jonatan Hellvig.

    Radical Eco-Activists Jeopardize Racing Tradition with Shameful Stunt

    Two agitators affiliated with the extremist "Last Generation" faction brought chaos to the opening of the racing season at Służewiec Racetrack. Thanks to the swift response of security personnel, law enforcement was able to swiftly quell the disturbance.