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    Polish employees save almost hour a day by working from home

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    Analysts from the Polish Economic Institute (PIE) report that remote work enables individuals in Poland to save an average of 54 minutes daily.

    “This is the second lowest result among the 27 countries surveyed – three minutes more than in Serbia and one minute less than in the US,”

    according to data quoted in the Thursday edition of the PIE weekly bulletin.

    Experts indicated that in Poland, 36 per cent of employees’ time is spent taking breaks, 34 per cent is used for other work-related tasks, and 16 per cent is dedicated to caretaking duties.

    It was discovered by researchers that employees gain an average of 2.2 per cent more money in their pocket due to telecommuting, with a time saving of 72 minutes.

    “In the case of Poland, such a benefit, taking into account the smaller amount of time saved, would amount to 1.65 per cent of the employee’s income,”

    the report noted.

    During the 2021-2022 period when the data was being gathered, the respondents spent an average of 1.7 days per week working remotely.


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