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    Polish Farmers to Join Major Brussels Protest Against Harmful EU Agricultural Policies

    Polish farmers are set to join a significant European protest in Brussels on June 4th, standing firm for the right to consume healthy, locally-produced food and voicing their strong opposition to detrimental agricultural policies imposed by bureaucrats.

    “We fight to ensure our nation continues to enjoy healthy, Polish food produced right here in our homeland,” declared Tomasz Ognisty, a representative of the NSZZ Individual Farmers’ Union “Solidarity,” during an interview with Telewizja Republika. Ognisty was clear that the European Green Deal, in its current form, is unacceptable and detrimental to Polish interests, among other critical issues the union is addressing.

    Massive European Protest in Brussels: Polish Farmers Unite for Critical EU Elections

    The Brussels protest is expected to rally over 100,000 participants from across Europe, including a substantial contingent of Polish agricultural organizations and independent farmers, all united under a common cause.

    With the upcoming European Parliament elections looming, Ognisty stressed the importance of Polish citizens exercising their democratic right to vote. “These elections are crucial for us. We urge everyone to go to the polls – we are fighting for every vote because each one matters,” he emphasized.

    Polish and Czech Farmers Unite Against the Green Deal in Upcoming EU Elections

    Ognisty highlighted the solidarity with farmers from the Czech Republic, noting their shared opposition to the Green Deal. “Our colleagues from the Czech Republic agree that there should be no exceptions. We are united in our determination to elect MEPs who oppose the Green Deal. Anyone who has supported it so far should be disqualified from receiving our vote,” he asserted.

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