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    Polish General Assumes Key Role as Deputy Commander of U.S. Army’s V Corps, Strengthening NATO’s Eastern Flank

    In a significant milestone for Poland-U.S. military cooperation, a Polish general has taken on the crucial position of Deputy Commander of the V Corps of the U.S. Army. This prestigious appointment marks the second time a Polish officer has assumed such a high-ranking role within the V Corps.

    The V Corps is a critical military unit, with its forward element stationed in Poznań, commanding all U.S. forces deployed on NATO’s Eastern flank. As the newly appointed deputy commander, Major General Maciej Jabłoński has assumed responsibilities primarily focused on situational awareness of the U.S. forces in the region. Additionally, General Jabłoński’s duties also include overseeing the introduction of ABRAMS tanks into the Polish Armed Forces.

    Minister Błaszczak Honors Outgoing Deputy Commander and Acknowledges U.S. Troops’ Role in Regional Security

    The handover ceremony, held on Tuesday, July 18, during the visit of Minister of National Defence, Mariusz Błaszczak, to the United States, was a moment of recognition and appreciation for the outgoing Deputy Commander, Major General Joks. Minister Błaszczak lauded Major General Joks for his contributions to strengthening Polish-American military ties and enhancing the interoperability of the V Corps in Poland.

    During the ceremony, Minister Błaszczak also decorated General Kolasheski, the commander of the V Corps, with the Gold Medal of Polish Armed Forces, acknowledging the pivotal role the U.S. troops stationed in Poland, particularly those of the V Corps, play in ensuring regional security.

    Speaking about the importance of the V Corps’ presence in Poland, Minister Błaszczak emphasized the investments made in infrastructure to create better conditions for U.S. forces stationed in the country. The V Corps’ Forward Command, permanently dislocated in Poznań, signifies the growing capabilities of the U.S. forces and their readiness to deter potential aggressors.

    Minister Błaszczak’s visit to Fort Knox, the headquarters of the V Corps, aimed to demonstrate appreciation for American involvement in strengthening NATO’s Eastern flank. Given the context of Russian aggression against Ukraine and threats from Belarusian territory, the U.S. military presence in Poland plays a crucial role in deterring potential adversaries.

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