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    Polish Government Considers Continuing Anti-Inflation Measures in 2024 Budget

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    In a recent statement, Finance Minister Magdalena Rzeczkowska reassured the public that the absence of an explicit provision for an anti-inflation shield in the 2024 budget proposal does not rule out its implementation. Similar circumstances occurred in the 2023 budget, where the anti-inflation shield was eventually maintained to benefit Polish citizens.

    Rzeczkowska emphasized the government’s flexibility and readiness to respond to the ever-changing international market conditions and inflation levels. These actions effectively safeguard Polish citizens from unprecedented price surges. The government continually adapts its measures to address the challenges posed by a dynamic economic reality.

    Current measures in place include freezing electricity prices for households, introducing maximum prices for excessive energy consumption, and limiting price hikes for heating in households and vulnerable consumers. Additionally, subsidies for household heating and maximum coal prices distributed by local authorities have been implemented.

    Government representatives have not ruled out the possibility of extending these anti-inflation measures into the next year if the need arises.

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