Polish Handball Team Clinches Resounding Victory in European Championships Build-Up

    The Polish handball team triumphed 34-26 over Argentina in a gripping second friendly match at Legionowo arena, solidifying their preparations for the upcoming European Championships. 

    Poland stormed ahead with a 6-3 lead in the second face-off, led by Jakub Szyszko’s swift plays. Despite a setback due to Bartłomiej Bisa’s red card, the team rallied, especially with Paweł Paterek’s standout performance, securing a 17-13 lead at halftime.

    Argentina’s second-half fervour was met by Poland’s formidable defence, with Mateusz Kornecki’s pivotal saves extending their lead. Even at a disadvantage, Poland dominated, sealing the win at 34-26, naming Kamil Syprzak MVP.

    This victory marks Poland’s second consecutive win in their European Championship preparations, setting the stage for their clash against Spain in Granollers. Their cohesive display signals their readiness and prowess, captivating fans and bolstering their championship aspirations.

    Poland – Argentina 34:26 (17:13)


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