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    Polish immigrant to avoid life sentence in South Africa 

    A court in South Africa decided on Monday to release on parole Janusz Waluś, a Polish immigrant, who was responsible for the assassination of a communist anti-apartheid activist in 1993.

    Waluś, now 69, was a truck driver and the then activist of a neoNazi white supremacist paramilitary organisation, the Afrikaner Resistance Movement. He killed Chris Hani on April 10, 1993, having executed instructions given to him by former National Party (NP) leader Clive Derby-Lewis.

    Hani was a black leader fighting against apartheid in South Africa.

    Waluś was first sentenced to death. In 1994, after the death sentence had been abolished in the Republic of South Africa, he received a life sentence and spent nearly 30 years in prison.

    According to Raymond Zando, a Constitutional Court judge, Walus should be released within ten days.

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