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    Polish Low-Intervention Wines Shine in Buenos Aires

    Argentine sommeliers explore the richness of Polish low-intervention wines at a historic tasting event in Buenos Aires.

    In Buenos Aires, the largest tasting of Polish low-intervention wines in Latin America’s history took place. Argentine sommeliers and wine enthusiasts gathered to sample natural, organic, and low-intervention Polish wines. Among the wines presented were two from Nizio Naturals (Roztocze), and one each from Białe Skały (Jura), Kamil Barczentewicz (Kazimierz Dolny), Czarna Stodoła (Ślęża), and Moderna (Wzgórza Trzebnickie). All wines were tasted blind alongside Argentine and one Chilean wine.

    High Praise from Argentine Sommeliers

    “This was an extraordinary opportunity to explore Poland’s wine heritage, which I believe is already at a very high level. It’s fascinating to learn about the context in which Polish wines are produced, including terroir, winemaking skills, as well as the economic, cultural, and historical aspects of Poland,”

    said Guillermo Carnevale, an Argentine sommelier.

    Event Organized by Polish Embassy

    The event was organized by the Polish Embassy in Buenos Aires and Vinoteca el Salvador. Jacek Piątkowski, an embassy employee, presented the Polish wines to Argentine wine lovers. Two years earlier, a comprehensive tasting of Polish wines was held in Buenos Aires, featuring 13 labels to celebrate the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Poland and Argentina.

    Special thanks to Marcin Bełza of Brać Polskie Wina for assisting in selecting wines for the tasting.

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