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    Polish Megaproject Threatens Berlin Airport, According to “Die Welt”

    In an article published today in the German newspaper “Die Welt.” it is written that the megaproject (CPK) could overshadow BER airport. The attention is drawn to the Central Communication Port investment in Poland, which has come into question since the change of government in Warsaw.

    While Germany struggles with almost no successful infrastructure projects, Poland is forging ahead with the construction of a massive new airport. For the German aviation industry, already suffering due to high environmental fees, this poses a significant challenge. According to Philipp Fritz, writing in “Die Welt,” one German airport, in particular, has reason to fear the competition.

    Fritz points out that in Germany, the public knows little about the project aimed at filling the gap in Central-Eastern Europe for a major airport akin to Frankfurt or Paris.

    Passengers from Eastern EU countries, instead of transferring at Western European airports, will opt for CPK (Central Communication Port). Passengers from western Poland and the Czech Republic won’t need to travel to Berlin; CPK will be closer, especially if high-speed rail connections are established, as reported by “Die Welt.”

    Fritz highlights that the German aviation industry is already in a challenging position due to high environmental and aviation fees, and now “Poland is preparing to exert pressure.”

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