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    Polish Ministry of Defence to Establish Military Task Force Amid Border Tensions

    In response to mounting concerns over border security, the Polish Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced its plans to create a dedicated military task force aimed at training and defense near its border with Belarus. The announcement came from Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak during his visit to Jaryłówka in the Podlaskie province, where a temporary camp for Polish troops has been established at the border.

    Błaszczak emphasized the pressing nature of the situation, stating, “The Polish border is facing undeniable threats. We are witnessing persistent pressures and illegal border crossing attempts by migrants, seemingly fueled by the Belarusian regime’s collaboration with the Kremlin. This concerted effort aims to destabilize our nation.”

    As part of the larger operation codenamed ‘Gryf,’ which involves deploying approximately 4,000 troops to support the Border Guard in sealing the border with Belarus, Błaszczak also unveiled the formation of a military task force under the name ‘Rengaw.’ This task force, Błaszczak clarified, will primarily focus on training and defense activities.

    The main objectives of the operation include training Polish Army personnel stationed in the Podlaskie province, close to the border, and establishing reserves in the event of a deteriorating situation along the Polish-Belarusian border.

    Błaszczak sought to clarify any potential misconceptions, noting, “It’s crucial to keep in mind that the buildup of the Polish Army along the Belarusian border is not about aggression, but rather about deterring potential threats, enhancing border security, and ensuring our nation’s safety. This move is a strategic response to the current circumstances.”

    According to the Polish MoD, the overall troop presence along the Polish-Belarusian border is set to increase to 10,000 soldiers, with 4,000 dedicated to supporting the Border Guard and an additional 6,000 placed on standby. Presently, approximately 2,000 troops are stationed at the border, in addition to a contingent of police and Border Guard officers.

    The decision to reinforce troop numbers along the Belarusian border is a direct result of escalating tensions in the region. This escalation was triggered initially by a surge of migrants attempting to cross into Poland from Belarus. More recently, a series of attacks involving projectiles launched from the Belarusian side against Polish officers patrolling the border has further strained relations. Concerns have also been raised over the presence of Wagner mercenaries, linked to Russia, within Belarus, as well as a notable incident involving Belarusian helicopters violating Polish airspace.

    Amid these developments, apprehensions are growing that Belarusian authorities might once again attempt to push migrants across the border, echoing the migration crisis of 2021 that witnessed a significant influx of individuals attempting to breach Polish borders.


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