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    Polish official accuses Russia of cyberattacks on government website

    The Polish commissioner for cyber-security has alleged that Russia’s secret services were responsible for an attack that caused the closure of a Polish government website.

    The Finance Ministry informed PAP on Tuesday that website, which provides information about taxes, had experienced a technical malfunction and not a hacker attack, resulting in its temporary shutdown.

    Government Commissioner for Cyber-Security, Janusz Cieszynski, announced on Wednesday that the Russian secret services were behind the shutdown.

    “The Russians were responsible for yesterday’s attack. We have information that makes it very likely that it was this adversary,” he told a private broadcaster Polsat News.

    Cieszynski pointed out that the attack entailed an abundance of artificial activity on the portal. He further noted that to avoid any issues, this traffic was obstructed from multiple sources, and unfortunately, when these restrictions were first put in place, legitimate traffic was also impeded.

    He stated simultaneously that there had been no data theft.


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