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    Polish Physicist Olga Malinkiewicz Wins European Inventor Award for Solar Technology

    Olga Malinkiewicz wins European Inventor Award for pioneering perovskite solar cell technology, revolutionizing photovoltaics.

    Dr. Olga Malinkiewicz, co-founder and CTO of Saule Technologies, made history by becoming the first Polish woman to win the European Inventor Award. On Tuesday, the physicist received the accolade in Malta for her pioneering technology of printing solar cells on ultrathin perovskites.

    Recognition for SMEs

    Malinkiewicz and her team were honored in the “Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” category, outshining competitors from Finland and France. The award was given for their “cost-effective and environmentally friendly perovskite solar cell technology,” which has revolutionized the field of solar energy.

    Innovative Solar Cells

    Olga Malinkiewicz is the inventor of a method for producing printed solar cells based on perovskites. Saule Technologies is the first company globally to start production of these cells. Recognized as the future of photovoltaics, perovskite solar cells are lighter, more efficient, and cheaper than the commonly used silicon cells.

    About the Award

    The European Inventor Award, given annually by the European Patent Office (EPO) since 2006, honors scientists and engineers whose inventions significantly advance technology and improve quality of life. This year’s ceremony took place at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta, Malta.

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