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    Polish pilots completed a training in South Korea

    Polish pilots have completed training in South Korea, including combat use, air combat, and intercepts. The pilots will soon return to Poland, take over the FA-50 aircraft entering the air force and begin flying in our airspace.

    Thanks to the Polish pilots’ experience, commitment, and determination, they completed the training a month and a half earlier than planned.

    In early June, a significant event took place during the visit of Mariusz Błaszczak, the head of the Ministry of Defence, to South Korea. It was a roll-out ceremony where the first FA-50 combat aircraft, specifically designed for the Polish Air Force, was publicly presented. The Polish Ministry of Defence has placed an order for 12 of these aircraft, which are expected to arrive in the country in the upcoming months. Additionally, there are plans for another order of 36 aircraft in a modified version called FA-50PL, tailored to meet Polish specifications.


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