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    Polish President Draws Parallel Between Finland-Russia and Poland-Belarus Border Challenges

    During discussions with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto, Poland’s President Andrzej Duda drew a striking comparison between the mounting migrant situation at Finland’s border with Russia and the crisis that unfolded at the Poland-Belarus border in 2021.

    In response to a surge in asylum seekers, Finland took action by closing four border crossings with Russia, citing an alleged orchestration by Moscow.

    President Duda emphasized that amidst talks about economic collaboration, the focal point remained on security matters. “Above all, we talked about security issues,” he affirmed. “The migratory pressure we witness today on the Russian-Finnish border, primarily instigated by Russia, echoes the challenges we faced in 2021.”

    Duda pointedly likened the situation to a “hybrid attack” on Finland’s border, orchestrated through the strategic movement of migrant groups. “This difficult situation resonates with us, Poles, and we understand it perfectly,” he added.

    Recalling the events of 2021, when Poland responded to repeated attempts by migrants to breach the Belarusian border, Duda highlighted Poland’s stance that Belarus and Russia engineered the crisis to destabilize the European Union.

    Assuring Finland of unwavering support, Duda pledged Polish assistance, acknowledging that Finland is not only defending its own borders but also the EU’s. “We extend our support with the firm understanding that Finland safeguards not just its borders but those of the EU,” he emphasized.

    Furthermore, Duda committed to providing both political backing and sharing Poland’s acquired expertise in handling migration pressure from Belarus, underscoring solidarity between the two nations in managing these challenging border situations.

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