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    Polish President Encourages UK-based Poles to Return Home

    London, Tuesday night – Polish President, Andrzej Duda, delivered a heartfelt message to the Polish community residing in the United Kingdom, urging them to consider returning to their homeland due to the country’s flourishing economy. Addressing representatives of the community during a meeting in London, Duda expressed his gratitude for their commitment to preserving Polish culture.

    In his speech, President Duda commended the community for their efforts in passing down the Polish language, history, and customs to younger generations. “Thank you for your invaluable contributions in teaching Polish to children, imparting Polish history, and nurturing our customs and traditions,” he acknowledged. “Your dedication is truly commendable and serves the greater good of the Republic of Poland. It may sound grandiose, but it genuinely contributes to the well-being of our nation.”

    Duda emphasized the significance of maintaining a strong connection to Polish heritage, even if individuals choose not to permanently resettle in Poland. He encouraged them to visit their home country periodically, ensuring they remain connected to their roots.

    Simultaneously, the President expressed his sincere desire for Polish nationals to consider returning to their homeland. “I would be delighted to see you return,” he conveyed. Reflecting on his initial visit to London as a presidential candidate in 2014, Duda recalled that his call for repatriation had been met with resistance. However, he pointed out that times have changed, highlighting the rapid development of Poland’s economy and its increasing proximity to Western European living standards.

    President Duda’s message carries weight, urging Polish expatriates in the UK to contemplate their role in Poland’s promising future. With the nation experiencing significant economic growth, his call to return holds the promise of a prosperous and vibrant homeland.


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