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    Polish President Responds to Tusk: I Disagree with the German Position on Reparations

    In a strong rebuke, Polish President Andrzej Duda has openly disagreed with Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s recent statement supporting the German stance on World War II reparations. “Poles were imprisoned in camps, deported for forced labor, tortured, and murdered. I do not share the view that Polish authorities ever effectively renounced compensation for the wrongs suffered by our nation and state during World War II,” Duda stated.

    Tusk’s Controversial Remarks

    Earlier, at a press conference, Tusk fully endorsed the German position that Poland is not legally entitled to any reparations. He also made a surprising call for Germany to “take responsibility for Europe and its security,” a statement that many in Poland found shocking and unacceptable, given the historical context.

    World War II had devastating effects on Poland, with millions of its citizens suffering atrocities at the hands of Nazi Germany. The issue of reparations has been a longstanding and sensitive topic, with many Poles believing that their country never received adequate compensation for the immense suffering endured.

    National Sentiment

    Duda’s reaction reflects a broader national sentiment that demands acknowledgment and restitution for historical injustices. This disagreement highlights ongoing tensions in Polish-German relations and raises important questions about historical accountability and the long-term effects of wartime atrocities.

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