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    Polish President Visits Naval Operations Center Amid Russian Military Drills

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    President Andrzej Duda is set to make a working visit to the Maritime Operations Center and the 3rd Naval Flotilla in Gdynia, as confirmed by the National Security Bureau. The visit aims to assess the current situation in the Baltic Sea, especially in light of ongoing Russian naval exercises.

    President Duda will be briefed on the prevailing security situation in the Baltic Sea, including the recently initiated maneuvers by the Russian Federation’s naval forces. The visit highlights Poland’s concern over the regional maritime dynamics.

    Russian Naval Exercises

    According to Russia’s Ministry of Defense, the Russian Navy commenced extensive drills in the Baltic Sea, involving around 30 vessels, 30 aircraft, and approximately 6,000 personnel. The exercises focus on safeguarding sea lanes, military transportation, and coastal defense, encompassing over 200 combat scenarios.

    The President’s visit underscores Poland’s commitment to maritime security and its readiness to address evolving challenges. As tensions rise, this engagement signals Poland’s determination to ensure stability in the Baltic region.

    Media Address

    President Duda is expected to address the media at approximately 16:30 in Gdynia Naval Port, shedding light on his insights from the visit. The maneuvers will continue as Poland seeks to monitor the developments closely.

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