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    Poland Vigilant as Russian Naval Drills Unfold in Baltic Sea

    In response to the reported naval exercises conducted by Russian forces in the Baltic Sea, Poland’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has asserted its vigilant stance by closely monitoring the evolving situation.

    Last Wednesday, Reuters, citing Russia’s defense ministry, reported that the Russian navy had initiated a series of scheduled drills in the Baltic Sea, which entail the participation of more than 30 ships and boats, complemented by 20 support vessels and 30 aircraft. The scope of these exercises involves approximately 6,000 navy servicemen, as indicated by information provided by Reuters.

    In a subsequent development on the same day, Poland’s MoD addressed the media reports when queried by the Polish Press Agency. The ministry underlined its commitment to a continuous and thorough surveillance of the Baltic Sea situation. It emphasized the cooperative efforts between the Polish Armed Forces and NATO partners, affirming that all actions are carefully coordinated and aligned with the collective strategies of NATO allies.

    According to insights shared by Russia’s Defence Ministry, a naval exercise named Ocean Shield 2023 has been underway in the Baltic Sea since August 2. The maneuvers, under the command of Navy Commander-in-Chief Nikolay Yevmenov, have been orchestrated with the goal of assessing the preparedness of the Russian naval forces to safeguard the national interests of the Russian Federation within a region of paramount operational significance. This objective, as officially stated, underscores the strategic importance of the maneuvers and their role in affirming Russia’s maritime capabilities.


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