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    Polish President’s Advisor expresses pleasure over Turkey’s accord on Finland’s NATO accession

    A top advisor to the Polish president expressed Poland’s delight on Friday regarding Turkey’s ratification of Finland’s motion to join NATO. The announcement was made to the Polish Press Agency (PAP).

    Marcin Przydacz, head of the President’s International Policy Bureau, expressed contentment over Turkey’s ratification of Finland’s bid to join NATO. He also stated that Poland is now awaiting Turkey’s ratification of a similar motion by Sweden.

    Polish government spokesperson Piotr Mueller has expressed his hope that Sweden’s membership of the European Union will be ratified soon. “We believe that Sweden’s membership of the union is essential for the further integration of Europe,” Mueller said in a statement. He added that Poland welcomes the country’s accession and looks forward to it.

    “Poland have backed Finland’s and Sweden’s Nato membership from the very start because this will reinforce security levels in Europe,” Mueller told PAP.

    On Thursday, Turkey, the last Nato member to approve Finland’s accession motion, ended months of opposition to the country’s bid for Nato membership. Finland and Sweden applied for membership in 2022 due to security concerns related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The two countries’ entry into Nato is now a reality.


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