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    Polish Prime Minister Aligns EU’s Anti-Terrorism Measures with Poland’s Views

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki affirmed that the European Council meeting held in Brussels on Friday echoed Poland’s stance on combating terrorism. During the second and final day of the summit, Morawiecki noted that the conclusions drawn during the meeting included measures against extremism and human trafficking, aligning closely with Poland’s long-standing position.

    Morawiecki emphasized that several countries shared this viewpoint, and the demands Poland articulated were reflected in the European Council’s conclusions. The summit’s joint statement from 27 EU member states underscored their unity in the battle against terrorism, hatred, and various forms of violent extremism.

    Poland’s socially-conservative government has consistently maintained a firm stance on migration during EU summits. They remain opposed to proposals advocating the relocation of migrants across EU member states, particularly from nations like Italy, Greece, or Spain, which have witnessed significant migrant influx in recent years. Poland’s alignment of EU anti-terrorism efforts with its own national strategies reflects the ongoing dialogue within the EU on matters of security and migration policies.


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