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    Polish Prime Minister Dismisses Opposition Protest as Calculated Political Move

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has dismissed the recent protest in Warsaw organized by the country’s opposition party, Civic Platform (PO), as a calculated move by seasoned politicians. PO leader Donald Tusk called for the demonstration, citing concerns over “high prices, theft and lies, for free elections and a democratic, European Poland.”

    In a podcast shared on social media, Morawiecki expressed his support for the freedom of expression and emphasized that democratic societies allow for diverse viewpoints and even vigorous criticism of the government. However, he couldn’t help but find amusement in what he perceived as a carefully orchestrated event by experienced political figures, whom he referred to as “old foxes.”

    The Polish Prime Minister claimed to have insider information from local government officials, who allegedly revealed that directives had been issued by the PO headquarters to mobilize party activists, municipal employees, and officials to participate in the march. This, according to Morawiecki, revealed the true nature of the protest and undermined the notion of it being a spontaneous civil movement.

    While Morawiecki acknowledged the potential value of grassroots demonstrations, he argued that this particular march did not genuinely reflect such origins. Instead, he characterized it as a gathering of PO activists, voters, and supporters, with minimal representation from other opposition parties. He suggested that any involvement from representatives of other political groups would only serve to strengthen Tusk’s position at the expense of their own independent standing.

    According to Morawiecki, the upcoming protest orchestrated by Tusk and his associates resembled a carnival rather than a sincere attempt to address the nation’s challenges. The Prime Minister asserted that the true essence of politics lies in effecting positive change in people’s lives, not merely staging events for political theater. He invited the public to consider which approach, in the grand scheme of Poland’s future, would prove more effective and beneficial.

    In conclusion, Morawiecki criticized the motivations behind the planned protest in Warsaw, dismissing it as a calculated move by seasoned politicians to challenge the current government. He emphasized the need to focus on concrete actions that can improve the lives of Polish citizens and questioned the effectiveness of large-scale demonstrations as a means of achieving meaningful change.


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