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    Polish Prime Minister Hails Men’s Volleyball Team as Exemplary Ambassadors After European Championship Victory

    The 2023 European Volleyball Championship in Italy culminated in a glorious triumph for the Polish men’s volleyball team, an achievement that has garnered high praise from Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki. In a heartfelt meeting held on Monday, Morawiecki expressed his deep admiration for the team’s exceptional performance and their role as outstanding ambassadors for Poland.

    During the gathering, Prime Minister Morawiecki reminded the team of the revered Hubert Wagner, a legendary figure in Polish men’s volleyball, whose words still echo within the sport. “As Hubert Wagner, the legend of our men’s volleyball, used to say, only gold counts,” Morawiecki affirmed, emphasizing the significance of their gold medal win. He also extended his appreciation for all the team’s accomplishments, recognizing their unwavering dedication.

    In a moment of profound gratitude, Morawiecki lauded the players for their invaluable contribution to representing the Polish cause and Polish identity on a global stage. He commended their unwavering character, which is evident for all to see, and praised the exemplary teamwork that has earned them widespread acclaim.

    The Prime Minister didn’t stop there, asserting that the Polish men’s volleyball team isn’t just the best in Europe but the best in the world. He applauded their indomitable spirit, their unwavering will to fight, their determination, and their exceptional cooperation, qualities that have set them apart as true champions.

    Bartosz Kurek, a member of the victorious team, presented Prime Minister Morawiecki with the coveted gold medal, symbolizing a remarkable season for Poland, as they clinched two gold medals this year alone.

    The crowning moment of their journey came on Saturday when the Polish team secured a resounding 3:0 victory against the defending champions, Italy, in Rome. This win marked Poland’s second European Championship title in men’s volleyball, with their previous victory dating back to the triumphant 2009 campaign.


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