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    Polish record for sugar beet harvest

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    Despite difficult conditions during the growing season, a Polish Record was set last Friday for the largest sugar beet yield harvested per hectare. The event took place in Otmuchow, Opolskie Voivodeship. 

    This year’s conditions for sugar beet cultivation were very demanding for Polish farmers. The first sowing began in late March. At the beginning of the season, however, rainfall was appallingly low. Growers faced uneven and long germination. In some locations, sandstorms buried the germinated plants and thus damaged the leaves. 

    Such difficult conditions caused customers to fear low yields. Starting in September, the intensive beet harvest began delayed by almost two weeks. Nevertheless, the decision turned out to be the right one. Yields turned out to be high and rewarded many farmers for the hard season. This was also the case for farmers from Otmuchow, Opolskie Voivodeship. They joined the “Ide po record” program hoping for support in achieving a very good sugar beet yield.

    New Polish record

    On November 18, 2022, in the assistance of a judge from the Bureau of Records, the Polish Record in sugar beet harvesting was set on the premises of the Konrad and Waldemar Rusek Farm. The yield the farmers achieved was 112.11 t/ha at 16% polarization. 

    The net yield of sugar beet II delivered to the sugar factory was 93.95 t/ha, with an exceptionally high polarization of 18.70%. Such an impressive result, however, was possible thanks to individually selected technology within the framework of the “Ide po record” program. 

    Products from the portfolio of PUH “Chemirol” Sp. z o.o. and INNVIGO Sp. z o.o. were used in the field, including reliable fungicide protection. What’s more, BlueN® was also used. It’s worth mentiong that this product ahs already won the title of Innovative Agricultural Product 2022 in the year of its premiere on the Polish market.

    “Our history with agriculture takes many years. The farm is run by my son, whom I support every day. We have about 100 hectares of land, including rapeseed, wheat, and sugar beet crops. At the invitation of Chemirol, we took on the challenge of setting a Polish Record. The technologies presented as part of the “Ide po record” program were an ideal solution for our crops. Professional advice, on the part of Chemirol, was felt at every stage of cooperation. We are very pleased with the record result, especially since it was achieved on the land of class III and IV soil,”

    farm owner Waldemar Rusek said.

    “Ide po record” program

    The idea of the “Ide po record” program began in 2021. In its assumptions, it is designed to give the company’s customers access to proprietary methods of maximizing agricultural production. The project includes crops such as rapeseed, wheat, corn, and sugar beet. Any Farmer can sign up for the program and receive the author’s recipes for optimizing agricultural production on an ongoing basis. 

    “Partner and Advisor in Agriculture”

    In measuring individual farm records, Chemirol benefits from the presence of a judge from the Bureau of Records. The Bureau of Records has a history of more than 8 years and a huge track record also in the field of Guinness World Records. Since 2014, the Bureau has been officially assisting companies, organizations, and public institutions in breaking and setting records. 

    Measuring sugar beet yields was the final stage in the first edition of the “Ide po record” program. Chemirol, as a company with a mission to be a partner and advisor in agriculture, stands beside the Polish farmer every day. The high results achieved in this project confirm that the slogan “Partner and Advisor in Agriculture” is reliable. Customers see actual results.


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