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    Polish Representative Wins 30th Baltic Olympiad in Informatics

    Adam Gąsienica-Samek from 14th High School named after Stanisław Staszic in Warsaw has emerged victorious for the second consecutive time at the Baltic Olympiad in Informatics. He solved all the tasks prepared by the organizers, scoring maximum points.

    Representatives from twelve countries participated in the event held in Vilnius, Lithuania. Alongside Gąsienica-Samek, Stanisław Lada and Tomasz Pływacz secured gold medals, with Paulina Żeleźnik, Jan Myszka, and Marcin Rymkiewicz clinching silver medals.

    Polish representatives showcased outstanding skills, making their country proud. Their success reflects the dedication of students, support from parents, teachers, and the nurturing environment of their schools.

    The achievements of these young talents signal a promising future for Poland in the field of informatics, highlighting the importance of continued support and investment in education and technology.

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