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    Polish Security Official Warns of New Air Links Facilitating Migration to Belarusian Border

    A high-ranking Polish security official has raised concerns about the establishment of fresh air connections by Russia and Belarus, potentially serving as conduits for migrants heading towards the Polish border.

    Stanisław Żaryn, the commissionaire for information-space security, took to Twitter on Friday to highlight the deteriorating situation along the Polish-Belarusian border. He expressed alarm at the escalating aggression exhibited by migrant groups attempting to breach the Polish border, citing daily reports from the Polish Border Guard as evidence of an intensified hybrid operation targeting Poland through the manipulation of migration routes.

    Żaryn’s remarks have sparked apprehension that a crisis similar to the one witnessed in 2021, when thousands of migrants attempted to forcefully enter Poland from Belarus, may be unfolding once again. He cautioned that Belarus and Russia appear to be actively seeking new avenues to amplify their actions against Western nations.

    “In the near future, both Moscow and Minsk will launch new air connections that can be used to attract new groups of foreigners to Russia and Belarus. This applies to Cuba-Russia and Iraq-Belarus connections,” Żaryn revealed.

    Poland attributed the 2021 crisis to the Belarusian government, accusing it of enticing migrants to Belarus by promising easy access to the European Union and facilitating their transportation via air links.

    Żaryn emphasized that these new flights could potentially serve the same purpose, further stating, “Recent actions by Russia and Belarus prove that both regimes are looking for ways to increase the migration pressure towards the West.”

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