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    Polish Short Track Relay Team Makes History with Bronze at World Championships

    The Polish short-track relay team, featuring Michał Niewiński, Łukasz Kuczyński, Diane Sellier, and Felix Pigeon, secured a bronze medal at the World Championships. This marks Poland’s second-ever medal in this prestigious event. The Chinese team claimed victory in the final race, outpacing their Korean rivals.

    Six years have passed since Natalia Maliszewska’s silver win in the 500-meter event at the Montreal World Championships. March 17th now adds another significant chapter to Polish short track history, with the men’s relay team delivering an outstanding performance in Rotterdam to earn a well-deserved bronze.

    The final race was intense, with the teams closely matched throughout. Despite starting in fourth place with 18 laps to go, the Polish team aggressively sought opportunities to advance. Although Pigeon briefly propelled them to second place, a wide corner forced them back to fourth.

    A tense battle ensued between the Polish and Dutch teams as the race neared its end. Despite a stumble from Dutch skater Jens van ‘t Wout, the Chinese team emerged victorious, while Poland secured third place.

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