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    Polish Ski Jumping Team Narrowly Misses the Podium in Lahti Team Event

    In the picturesque Finnish city of Lahti, the Polish ski jumping team, consisting of Aleksander Zniszczoł, Kamil Stoch, Piotr Żyła, and Maciej Kot, delivered a commendable performance in the team event, securing a close fourth place. The event saw the Norwegian team clinching victory, demonstrating their prowess on the slopes.

    The season has been challenging for the Polish jumpers, with recent performances leaving much to be desired. In the individual event held in Lahti on Friday, only Aleksander Zniszczoł managed to progress to the second round. The trial jumps on Saturday also did little to boost optimism, with the team outperforming only Kazakhstan, under the guidance of coach Thomas Thurnbichler.

    Resurgence on the Slopes

    Despite the setbacks, the Polish team showed remarkable resilience in the competition. Aleksander Zniszczoł and Kamil Stoch stood out in the first series, finishing seventh and tenth individually. Piotr Żyła was not far behind in performance, and although Maciej Kot’s jump was slightly less impressive, it did not significantly impact the team’s standing.

    At the halfway mark, the Polish team was in fourth place and managed to maintain this position through to the end of the event. Aleksander Zniszczoł’s final jump of 130 meters was a highlight, showcasing the potential and skill within the team.

    The competition concluded with Norway emerging as the victors, followed closely by Austria and Germany. The Polish team’s near miss to the podium in Lahti reflects a significant improvement and a promising sign of what may come in future competitions.

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