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    Polish snowboarder best in Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom in Scuol

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    A historic competition for Oskar Kwiatkowski. The Pole won the World Cup Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom for the first time in his career. The competition took place in Scuol, Switzerland. 

    The Pole showed from the start of the competition that he was in great shape. He passed the qualification without any problems, entering the 1/8 final with the third time. 

    In this round, Sangkyum Kim proved to be worse than Kwiatkowski. In the quarter-final, however, Alexander Payer did not finish and the Pole advanced to the semi-final. 

    The rivalry with Andreas Prommegger in the semi-final rivalry with Andreas Prommegger was very fierce. In the decisive downhill, Kwiatkowski did not make a mistake, unlike his rival.

    In the final of the Parallel Gigant Slalom in Scuol, he proved better than Mirko Felicetti, who fell and did not finish the course.

    “We got the win. Oskar Kwiatkowski wins a World Cup competition for the first time in his career. Our snowboarder is the best in the Parallel Giant Slalom in Scuol. A big round of applause for Oskar and the whole team,”

    the Polish Ski Association informed on Twitter.

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