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    Polish Space Agency Plans First Moon Orbital Mission

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    Polish Space Agency (POLSA) aims to launch Poland’s first orbital mission to the Moon by the end of the decade. The mission involves an orbiter equipped with infrared beams to search for minerals, including those useful for establishing lunar bases.

    Polish Space Agency (POLSA) envisions initiating Poland’s maiden orbital mission to the Moon by the end of the decade, according to the agency’s president, Prof. Grzegorz Wrochna. The proposed vehicle, operating from lunar orbit, would seek out specific minerals on the lunar surface, particularly those necessary for extracting water, hydrogen, and oxygen, crucial resources for potential lunar bases.

    Preparatory Work and Collaboration

    POLSA aims to secure funding from the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy (MRiT) this year to commence preparatory work for the Polish orbital mission around the Moon. Through consultations and brainstorming with companies, universities, and research institutes, POLSA concluded that an orbiter, utilizing infrared beams, could efficiently scan the surface for targeted minerals. The necessary measurement equipment has already undergone testing on Earth.

    Cooperation with NASA and Artemis Accords

    While the development of a Polish lunar rover remains ongoing, constructing an orbiter is a comparatively faster process. Prof. Wrochna stressed that American collaboration would be essential for delivering the orbiter to the Moon. Discussions regarding this cooperation took place during the recent visit of NASA Administrator Bill Nelson to Poland. Nelson witnessed the progress of Poland’s space sector and expressed increasing optimism about collaboration with the American agency. POLSA joined the Artemis Accords in 2021, paving the way for participation in the Artemis program and future crewed missions to the Moon and Mars.

    As a signatory to the Artemis Accords, POLSA actively engages in discussions on the goals and technical aspects of upcoming lunar and Martian missions. The agency’s commitment to space exploration underscores its ambition to contribute to humanity’s endeavors beyond Earth.


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