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    Polish Students Triumph in Australian Rover Challenge

    Scorpio Infinity, the Martian rover designed and built by students from Wrocław University of Science and Technology, has clinched victory at the Australian Rover Challenge held at the University of Adelaide. Crafted from aluminum, carbon fiber, and plastics, weighing 40 kilograms, this rover surpassed its competitors with its unparalleled capabilities.

    Unrivaled Performance

    Competing against teams from Australia, India, Bangladesh, and Poland, Scorpio Infinity showcased its prowess in lunar surface missions. It excelled in tasks ranging from navigation to resource extraction, showcasing remarkable teamwork and communication among its creators.

    Polish students excelled in the Space Resources Task, scoring 92 out of 100 points by successfully extracting water from lunar regolith samples. Their meticulous approach and precision garnered admiration, marking a historic achievement.

    A Promising Future

    Scorpio Infinity’s triumph sets the stage for its upcoming ventures, with eight more competitions scheduled for the season, including events in the USA and Turkey. With its groundbreaking capabilities, this Martian rover promises to continue making waves in the field of space exploration.

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